Developing Photovoltaic Power Plant in Turkey
Prepared by: Ali Güden
According to the decision of Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EPDK) on 24 May 2012, EPDK is planning to accept photovoltaic power plant licence for total installed capacity of 600MW for production capacity by June 2013.

The legislation required 12 months solar measurement for application for a production license. Currently, a number of companies undertaking measurement within the area which specified by EPDK.

Map shows the area where EPDK will accept photovoltaic power plant licence
Under the legislation, photovoltaic power plant installation cannot be made on agricultural areas and land use is limited to 20 acres per MW. Applications to be made in June 2013, up to 600MW will be licensed but this figure will increase in the coming years, it is expected to be 3.000MW by 2023.

Application Process
  • Companies that had their allowances for the measurements shall request an appointment from General Directorate of Meteorology regarding the establishment. Within 15 days of the request General Directorate of Meteorology shall arrive to the designated area in order to complete its controls.
  • Measurements shall be made for 6 months on the designated area* as of the approval of General Directorate of Meteorology and for the next 6 months required data will be obtained from the database of the Directorate
  • A report about the data collected in 1 year shall be prepared and submitted to the Directorate of Meteorology for its control. This report must be submitted at least 30 days before the appeal of the license
List of Documents and information required on Photovoltaic Power Plant License Application in Turkey:
  • Application Form
  • Affirmative covenant
  • Certificate of authority
  • The legal entity's articles of association
  • Regarding to Production Plant
  • Information Sheet
  • Investment Timetable
  • Map showing the place of facility. (scale 1/25.000)
  • Facility Project.
  • Region Statement.
  • Zoning Status.
  • Solar Measurement Report
  • Land Registry (private Property)
  • Certificate that indicates, plant does not impair agricultural estate
  • Articles of association
  • Legal entity's ownership structure
  • Criminal records of board of directors
  • Statement of financial conditions
  • Letter of Guarantee
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